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As I embark on this photography journey, trying to figure out my niche, I always need help. A new place to shoot, some lighting I’m trying to figure out. Some crazy outfit. Snow. Whatever it is, she always says yes. How lucky am I. I have this amazing soul who still likes to be with me. Beautiful inside and out. And she never says no. ❤️

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A flash of red made me pause . . . SDK-5SDK-5

Legends say seeing a cardinal means a loved one is reminding you that even though they aren’t physically here, they are still with you and this is your "sign".  After our recent snow this little beauty was the only creature in sight. It had just finished snowing and it was so quiet outside.  I was looking out the back window, and there he was just over the fence.  He was hard to miss against the newly fallen snow. I knew the meaning and it gave me pause, who is checking in on me?  It’s close to my grandmothers birthday so I take it as a visit from her. She was so special to me, I was fortunate to spend a great deal of time with her before she passed many years ago, as her chauffeur, as her dinner companion and her person to tell old stories too.  She loved unconditionally and she wanted to see everyone happy, she went out of her way to do so.  So this was just to remind me that she’s around. And to slow down and enjoy life’s beauty, to not let life’s enjoyments go by the wayside and get caught up in things that really don’t matter or aren’t good for me. And to take care of me, of my people and enjoy this crazy life.  So I’m going to remember and you should too. If you see one of these little beauties, think about the message someone is sending you.  Have a wonderful day!

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Gifts from the Heart It's that time of year, when we wrack our brains to find that perfect gift for someone we love.  We want it to matter, we want them to love it and we want them to know that we put some thought in to picking out that gift.  For me, getting to help some go through that process is really special.  By nature, I want to make people happy, that makes me happy.  Being a photographer has given me a new avenue to make people happy and I LOVE IT!  This week I've gotten to work with a loving wife who wanted to give her husband a portrait of their very cute Cavachon, Chloe.  It's going to go up on the wall next to a photo of their last fur baby and we needed to make it "match" as much as possible.  We had to be covert, so it can be a surprise.  And we had to get Chloe, who is only 2, to sit still long enough to get that ideal shot.  We sat down today and Chloe's Mom made her final choice.  We tweaked a few things, picked out the perfect frame and we are both super excited for that gift to be opened on Christmas Day.  It's not an overly expensive gift.  It's not the latest and greatest technology, but, it's a gift that is coming straight from the heart and getting to be a part of the process has filled me to the brim with holiday spirit!

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Giving it a Shot . . . Spent the evening looking through 1,000's of pictures, reliving memories and smiling.  It's why I love taking pictures.  It's why I want to take pictures for other people, for you.  I want you to have a snapshot of each of your kids. Of your beloved puppy, of your daughter's senior prom.  And I want you to have it to show off to family and friends online, but I also want you to have it on paper.  

Yes, I've done a pretty good job of documenting our lives.  But you know what?  When my son was born, we did a family picture at a commercial studio, and had it printed.  We didn't have another family picture printed and framed for about 14 years, well after my daughter was born.  And I have a TON of pictures.  

It got me thinking.  And it got me printing.  Replacing old silly prints of pictures I didn't take with pictures that I did.  Of my son, playing football. And my daughter looking amazing for homecoming.  If it's worth sharing on line, it's worth putting up on your wall.  Gifting to your Mom or your sister.  Don't let your memories fade away, and pop up once a year on Facebook.  When you have that perfect shot, capturing that moment in time that will never happen again, don't let it just disappear.  I'm not . . I'm printing and framing up a storm!

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